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Staging Workspace Status

git stash

View staged workspace status

git stash list

Restore all staging states, but do not delete staging content

git stash apply

Restores the specified staging state, but does not delete the staging content

git stash apply stash@{<id>}

delete staging content

git stash drop

Restoring the staging state while deleting the staging content

git stash pop

Copy a specific commit to the current branch

git cherry-pick <commit_id>


When fixing bugs, we fix them by creating a new bug branch, then merge, and finally delete;

When the work at hand is not completed, first git stash the work site, then go to fix the bug, and after the fix, git stash pop, and return to the work site;

If you want to merge the bugs fixed on the master branch into the current dev branch, you can use the git cherry-pick <commit_id> command to "copy" the revisions submitted by the bug to the current branch to avoid duplication of effort.

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